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Arantia Rubra - Beauty in Wellness
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At the Sheraton Catania Hotel a complete personalised haircare service is offered in a Kérastase Consultant salon thanks to the advice of a qualified Kérastase Ambassador.

A unique sensory experience; a true moment of relaxation where you will be exposed to evocative textures and delicate fragrances, products which awaken the senses, for an ultimate moment of well-being.
Sheraton Catania dedicates full attention to each guests, so reservation is required at least 60 minutes in advance.

Kérastase is available in 5 continents, and is exclusive to the best salons for example - Trevor Sorbie, Charles Worthington, Jo Hansford, Charlie Miller, Richard Ward Hair & Metro Spa -, each Kérastase Ambassador is fully educated on each product within the Kérastase Collection and can recommend your personalised 5 option haircare programme.
Since 1964, Kérastase has been creating new haircare services founded on their most advanced formulae, and subsequently its best performing products. A real ART OF CARE which is dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of the hair, based on 3 essential values:Performance, your hairdresser's Expertise and Personalisation.

Since its creation, Recherche Avancée L'Oréal has selected its most advanced technology for the Kérastase Collection. Kérastase products are innovative, include advanced ingredients, unique formulae and are products that women aspire to to care for and enhance the natural beauty of their hair.
A Kérastase Ambassador will select the in-salon programme best suited to your hair type and will also recommend your personalised homecare programme. He/She has the expertise to create a relaxing in-salon Kérastase Experience. The Kérastase Collection includes products which are dedicated for Professional use only.
Each woman is unique; each hair type has its own particular needs; for these reasons Kérastase has developed a collection of personalised haircare products.
Women have new expectations in the kind of service they receive. Many women aspire to the ultimate in Luxury; they aspire to the sensorial Kérastase In-Salon Ritual, where the client is the centre of attention, where she is inmersed in an ambiance which is in synergy with beauty and a sense of well-being.
Caring for the hair is important to the Kérastase Client; it has an impact on his/her general feeling of well-being. Classical and modern, audacious yet not provocative, aspirational without being inaccessible.



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