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Arantia Rubra - Beauty in Wellness
Sheraton Fitness

Aesthetic treatments


Oceanic salts body scrub 50 minutes


Anti-cellulite massage 50 min.  
Reactivates the lymphatic circulation, helping to eliminate excess toxins and liquids.


Invigorating massage 50 min.  
Deep massage, that returns compactness and elasticity to the skin, improving oxygenation and cellular exchange.


Lymphatic drainage “Vodder”  90 min.  
The slow movements of this special massage follow the body’s lymphatic circulation, encouraging the elimination of toxins for a correct distribution of oxygen levels .


Fingerpressure 50 min. 
Method carried out on the entire body,in order to rejuvinate, stretch and revitalize the skin tissue.


Massage wellness:

To rebalance physical plan and harmonize the energy one


Single 50 minutes


Four Hands  Massage 50 min. 

Synchronized movements made from two masseurs, the sensory perception will be increased and the beneficial effects will be multiplied


Massage for couple 50 min. 

This massage allows the sharing of a moment for relaxation , improved mental and physical well-being

Oriental treatment

Ayurvedic counselling 15 min.    

Constitution analysis and determination of the dominant dosha.


Abhyanga 50 min   

Ayurvedic massage carried out on the entire body, ideal for eliminating physical and mental nervous tensions


Parshwa/Shiro Abhyanga 30 min. 

Cervical massage specially made to alleviate neuro-muscular tensions of the back.


Reflexology Pada/Hasta Abhyanga 30 min. 

Plantar and palmar finger pressure to stimulate reflex zones, improving the functionality of the internal organs.


Lomi Lomi 40 min. 

Hawaiian massage, carried out with the forearms, that gives an immediate muscular relaxation to the body.


Sport treatments


Office massage 15 min. 

given on an ergonomic chair – also in a meeting room – it’s an ideal massage to alleviate tensions created during sedentary activity.


Sport massage 45 min. 

Ideal after intense physical activity, it consists of a  pre-massage phase that prepares  the muscular units for the deep, anti-fatigue massage which follows.


Sport preparatory massage 30 min.  
Stretches muscles, making them elastic and ready for physical activity

Special treatments


Reves d’Amazonie

A luxurious shipping across the senses in the Amazon fascinating world:  5 rituals sensory in a day of absolute pleasure


Arantia Regina

A cuddle day, an holistic treatment that -across 5 treatments- will give to the face and to the silhouette a surprising éclat effect: a natural calibrate prescription characterized from the synergy between Sicily’s citrus, the oatmeal starch, the yogurt proteins and the honey vitamins.


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